Do you have the space-guts to revolutionize video game funding?

Just me again, back with a plug for a fun and worthwhile kickstarter some of you might enjoy and, even if you can’t contribute to, want to keep track of.

A couple of years ago my friend’s brother created Spaceteam, a really rather wonderful cooperative game that is available for FREE for phones and tablets. It’s fun, creative, challenging and did I mention it’s FREE? You can find out more about it here, and if you do nothing else today why not download a copy, get your friends and family over and try to keep your spaceship flying? I challenge you not to have fun with this.

As you may have seen from the above video, Henry Smith, the creator of the game is now trying to raise money to finance the production of more innovative and enjoyable apps he will then be able to distribute free of charge. The world of video game and app production can be cut-throat and although I am all for the power of commercial enterprise, I am also well aware of the damage sales-driven corporate influence can have on creativity if it becomes the dominant force in any field. Spaceteam Admiral’s Club offers you and me a chance to redress the balance and keep indie games like Spaceteam alive.

There are only 6 days to go on this worthwhile kickstarter, and as of last count, they still have 30,558 (CAD) to raise!

You can find the Spaceteam kickstarter page here; minimum pledge is just 1 CAD and there are loads of cool, geeky rewards available if you’re willing to give a little more.

So, do you have the space-guts to revolutionize video game funding? Take your rightful place at the Space Admiral’s table and find out.


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