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Micro Update

Hello! Just me, here with a micro-update on on travel and, of course, Vestigial Tales.

We’re back from Toronto, where we had a wonderful time and, amongst many other exciting adventures, visited our friend’s new brewery in Guelph! It’s called Royal City Brewing Company and you can read more about it in this recent(ish) article from the Guelph Mercury.

The day we we there, they had literally just received their official brewing license from the Ontario government and were hard at work on their first brew. Unfortunately that meant there wasn’t any beer available to taste, but I have heard very good things from friends who tried test samples earlier this year and I am sure it’s only a matter of time before Royal City Brew becomes a popular tipple.

If you’re in or near Ontario, be sure to check them out.¬† You can follow them on Twitter here, and on Facebook here.

While we were away, I was also emailed the third illustration for Vestigial Tales, and it looks great! I wish I could share them all with you now but I’m just going to have to wait until the book is published later this year.

If you haven’t already, please check out the very talented Maria Astakhova whose own blog can be found here.

Right, that’s it for now. We’re off to Chicago later this week and California after that. I will throw more web-based ramblings your way when I get the chance.

Until then keep doing whatever makes you smile, unless it’s particularly immoral, in which case you might want to practice a little restraint.


I really must get better at this whole blogging thing. It has been almost a month since I started liamaidan.com and I barely have two posts to show for it. I have lots of plans for posts mind you, but actually sitting down and writing them is unexpectedly proving something of a challenge.

This is partly because I am working on a lot of other things at the moment, including Vestigial Tales (about which I briefly blogged here and here) and a science fiction novella (about which I have planned to blog for some time), in addition to my various non-fiction work. Yet my lack of blog-worthy activity might also have something to do with the fact that we have been kind of all over the place lately, zipping across the Midwest for a mixture of pleasure and work.

Last week we were in Chicago and then Madison and Milwaukee*, we’re in Boston this weekend and then off to Toronto the weekend after before heading to California for an as-of-yet undetermined period of time shortly after that.

Don’t get me wrong – all this travel is rather exciting and being relatively new to the US, (we moved here from Edinburgh, Scotland last year) I am rather enjoying getting to see new people and places. However, I am finding that even as these adventures fill my notebooks with stories, observations, insights and anecdotes they leave me little time to sit down and sort through the harvest and I am longing for some quiet in which to write them all out properly.

This will come, I know, and it’s unseemly to complain of too much inspiration, but I wanted you to know that my neglect is not intentional. I have written ‘MUST DO BETTER’ on a post-it and stuck it to my keyboard and this is a promise I intend to keep.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a photo of an unexpected find on an unassuming Milwaukee street: a statue in honor of Robert Burns (the semi official national poet of Scotland) gifted to the city by the Milwaukee Burns Association.

Robert Burns Milwaukee

His heart may be in the Highlands, but there is plenty of love for The Bard in Brew Town it would seem.

* I know what you’re going to say – East Lansing Michigan to Chicago and then up to Wisconsin hardly constitutes zipping ‘across the Midwest’, but remember that I am from a small island and driving for eight hours straight still feels like going a long way to me. I will get to see more of the Midwest one day but right now, we’re Boston bound!