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I didn’t write anything about Brexit; I didn’t write anything about the presidential race, and I’m not sure I want to write anything about this week’s election…

That said, something as monumental as this call for some sort of response, so I have decided to share part of a text I sent to worried family back in the UK. It’s not big or clever,  but it is a genuine reflection of my take on things and the need to find some sort of meaning, some sort path, some sort of way forward:

…Obviously it’s not the result we wanted but it is what we’ve got. Now is the time to look forward, to assess the realities of the situation and to figure out how we can work with this. Why did millions of people vote against their interests and elect a man who claims he wants to tear down the system? We need to engage with these people, accept what they are saying and understand their motivations because whether I agree with them or not, they are obviously upset and profoundly disenfranchised. In order for democracy to work we need to build a system that supports everybody, and right now that includes Trump supporters. Of course S___ and I feel deeply sad but we need to focus on healing these wounds and find the positive in all of this. Thank you for your love and support, please believe me when I say that it will all be OK – the president is not a dictator, Congress and the Senate can help keep him in check (even with Republican majorities) and America will survive this just as the nations of the U.K. will survive Brexit and devolution and whatever else comes their way. Today we need to be strong, and sometimes that means focusing on what is right in the world and building from their. The people have spoken, and that fact in and of itself is a beautiful thing…

And on that note, I’ll leave you with one of my all time favorite photos:


TTFN internets. As always, thanks for playing!